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(solo) exhibition:

29th October - 31st January 2023

Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, SMA, Mexico

'...Ian Johnson, presents us with a series of new creations ever faithful to his contemporary interpretation of landscape art - certainly not your run-of-the-mill landscapes. 
Working widely across the realms of painting, sculpture, and installation, this English-born artist always surprises with a futuristic vision, or better yet, a sensation of what a landscape is. On one small wall piece, he creates playful alterations, a supertext and subtext of what the viewer sees. One particular large wall piece in subtle nuances of different grays immediately reminded me of the downtown Chicago skyline reflecting onto the lake below. The work seems to dissolve into the surrounding white space, treading a balance between presence and mirage while the image appears to slowly fade into the night. Immediately opposite, we see a bright, colourful version of the same wall installation, and therefore, we realise the not-so-obvious title of the exhibition.

 Not far from my Chicago vision is a constructed rock sculpture mysteriously held together and balanced on a glass surface - indicative of a nearby landscape, or perhaps...'

Text (extract) by Margaret Failoni

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