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Fragile Landscapes
(solo exhibition)



9th February - 30th April 2023

Centro Cultural Pedregal

Mexico City, MX

I know that art is a connection between the spiritual and material worlds. Artists receive messages, make them reality and share them between the two worlds. I love to find connections; i love to see  and feel how in nature we find all the answers, the strength, inspiration and solutions for everything, and as we connect with nature, we connect with ourselves and with the whole universe.

For me, Fragile Landscapes is a transition between the world that is dying and the world being born; the transition from a dual, fragmented vision to a vision that integrates and reminds us that we are part of everything, that the mind is at the service of the heart, and that in the heart the seeds are planted for a new moment for humanity; one that we are just anchoring and forming. 

Ian Johnson has a vision and a capacity to unite and transmit the message that our soul desires and is a fundamental part of our nature: “harmony and balance” that together create the “dance of life.” 
Ian is inspired by and for nature and in each of his pieces offers us a portal for our soul to remember the balance and harmony that inspire our own dance; an essential part of the grand symphony. 

For Ian a “landscape” goes far beyond the landscape, it’s a limitless space that can be physical, metaphorical, mental, spiritual or your body; a space that we inhabit as individuals or collectively. For me, fragility evokes the cycles of life, such as the beginning and the end, always connected. 

And for you, what does it evoke? They say art is felt in the body, do you feel it? What do you feel? 

Adriana Maria Martinez


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