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(solo) exhibition:
The Weight of Gravity (parts 1, 2 & 3)

7th October - 19th November 2021
Centro Cultural Pedregal, Mexico City, MX

An installation of sculpture and painting works across the three exhibition spaces of Gallery 557, Centro Cultural Pedregal.


557 Galeria.jpg





Part 1: Calendar

This section explores the theme of time. Installed in the main gallery space are a number of painting and sculpture-based works which offer reflections on the passing of time and the cycles of life.


Part 2: Constructed Nature

Installed in the middle section of the gallery are works that incorporate the use of natural elements and industrial materials to explore our relationship with nature; the landscape and the environment.

Part 3: The Water Element

The works installed in this section of the gallery all make reference to the element of water; as an emotional and physical force of nature.

The installation is divided into three sections (parts 1, 2 & 3) corresponding to the three exhibition spaces of the gallery.

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